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Telepath uncovers and stops online fraud, automated attacks, and hacker assaults on your web applications undetectable by traditional security solutions using proprietary machine-learning algorithms that track and learn user behavior. Built-in rules and a malicious IP reputation knowledge base risk-score each session in real-time, blocking suspicious activities as per pre-defined policies. CyKick’s Telepath stores all user activity for further analysis and investigation, delivering the ability to link to a long-term attack chain. The result: Immediate prevention of sophisticated, distributed attacks, complemented by full forensics.

Key Benefits
  • Delivers Rapid ROI – Telepath identifies, investigates, mitigates,and eliminates attacks in real time.
  • Reduces IT resource consumption by eliminating more more than 60% of bandwidth caused by bots.
  • Detects abuse of your application business logic before it leads to massive fraud.
  • Stops emerging zero-day attacks before they breach your corporate systems.
  • Empowers your cyber team with situational awareness and insights into all web user activities.
  • Intuitive user interface gives a clear, complete picture of fraudulent and suspicious incidents.
Protect your web applications against
Networks of hacked computers combine computing power to run attacks against websites, such as click fraud. Telepath recognizes botnets’ behavior patterns and automatically blocks the attack.
Automated Reconaissance
Attackers use automated reconnaissance to determine the vulnerable areas within your website infrastructure to target for future attacks. Telepath’s behavioral analytics and machine-learning algorithms “see” the activity isn’t human, and stop it.
Layer 7 Denial-of-Service
Disables specific functions within the website, such as database access and transactions, search, and other highly useful areas of the site. Telepath  recognizes irregular requests, stopping Layer 7 DDOS attacks in their tracks.
Brute force attacks attempt to log into active customer accounts from thousands of IP addresses so they are “disguised” as individual user attempts. Telepath identifies and stops these irregular activities, protecting you and your customers.
Business Logic Abuse
Business logic focuses on informational transactions within the website or its back end, such as adding an item to the shopping cart or allowing a customer to make a financial transaction within an online banking system. To strengthen protection against business logic abuse, Telepath analyzes normal user behavior to detect fraud as it happens.
Web Scraping
Web scraping, the extraction of proprietary content or inappropriate data mining from your website, follows specific patterns that Telepath easily recognizes and prevents.
API Abuse
These attacks target the connection between the website and the API into critical network systems, such as payment solutions or customer databases. Once the attacker has breached the API, it can access the entire network.
Webshell Backdoors
Attackers use web services to remotely access and control corporate servers, giving direct control and access to the system without having to find a new vulnerability to exploit. Telepath recognizes and alerts you to breaches via webshell backdoors.