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Professional Services

CyKick’s in-house security experts help you maximize Telepath’s powerful intelligence and risk mitigation capabilities, assisting in investigations on a per-incident basis or as a fully managed monitoring and investigation service.

CyKick’s per-incident response service ensures rapid recovery and prevents similar incidents. Our team uses the complete forensics ability inherent within the Telepath infrastructure to provide the complete attack chain, from initial penetration to breach. The knowledge allows you to address the root cause, mitigating the existing threat and eliminating future threats, with no impact on your business operations.

CyKick’s Managed Monitoring & Investigation Service remotely manages your Telepath installation and handles all detection, investigation, mitigation, and prevention, strengthening your web application security. 

We directly monitor your web application traffic. When Telepath detects any anomaly, our team goes into high gear, identifying and investigating the complete threat chain and stopping it in its tracks before it can cause any serious damage.

Cykick’s monitoring and investigation service gives you the robustness as if it were an onsite solution with access to the highest level of cybersecurity investigators – without having to fight the cybersecurity investigator shortage, manage the increased cost of long-term staffing, or pay for IT resources.