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Telepath stops both major fraud and ever-elusive marginal fraud, reinforcing protection against litigation and reputation damage. Telepath increases your regulatory compliance in general and specifically fulfills regulations around anomaly detection systems.

Increase patient confidence in information sharing, enhancing protection across various web application systems for patient and third-party access. Telepath reinforces the security of personal healthcare information, strengthens compliance with healthcare privacy regulations, and reduces liability. Not only does Telepath stop bot attacks, but it also analyzes attacks one at a time to stop individual activities, such as credential stuffing.

Telepath’s machine learning algorithms, real-time intelligence and big data analytics combine to recognize and alert you to any irregular activities that can potentially compromise your back-end systems, customer information, or revenue streams.

Telepath allows you to record complex business actions your customers typically perform. It combines this knowledge with its machine-learning algorithm to easily detect irregular activities.

Telepath finds and stops web scraping and site content theft, protecting your proprietary information from external exploitation and your revenue.

Telepath protects against bots that manipulate pricing and takes fraud detection and prevention multiple steps beyond other available solutions. It analyzes attacks one at a time to stop individual activities from threatening your bottom line, such as credential stuffing.

Telepath delivers early, actionable intelligence on emerging sophisticated threats, while collecting the fraud “tail,” the incremental threats that add up into major losses that fall through the cracks of other threat detection solutions. With its special record function, it tracks regular – and irregular –  business activities to deliver a complete picture of new and ongoing fraud.